Madonna with child - monochromatic in fluorescent pinkMadonna with child icon in fluorescent pink shot with blacklight
Price: £ 12,000 (incl. UK VAT)
Size: 70cm x 105cm (WxH)
Weight: 19 kg
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“Neon Pink” is a special work among the special series of the New Icons. To paraphrase the late Emmanuel Cooper, the use of luminescent colours “introduced a new awareness of light that illuminates the image of the Madonna as an icon of our time.”

To be fully appreciated, “Neon Pink” needs a chapel of her own. I mean, this Madonna needs a room that can is or can be lit with daylight or UV light. Ideally the room has not UV light sensitive elements that distract for the artwork.


Materials Glass, silicone, fluorescent pigments.
Year Made 2008
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