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Featured in the Cyprus Mail

On Sunday 15th September 2019 Yorgos and his studio and art were extensively featured in the Living magazine of the Cyprus Mail. Read the article by clicking the image below.     [vc_single_image image="5836" img_size="full" alignment="center" onclick="custom_link" img_link_target="_blank" link=""]

‘Infinity and Beyond’ featured in Daily Telegraph

In the property section of this weekend’s Daily Telegraph, Emily Brookes writes about the ancient art of stained glass and the modern glass art techniques that can be considered its progeny. Alongside recent commissions of the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and “probably the greatest contemporary British artist” David Hockney, Yorgos’s work is said to be part of an interesting ...

Yorgos’s interview in Blue Air in-flight magazine

Art most often is to see things around you differently from everyone else and Yorgos Papadopoulos is certain that he doesn’t see a piece of glass, like everyone else sees it. The Cypriot artist talks to us about his favourite beach on the island, his life in London and of course his art. Read full article ...

Aeon Gallery show featured on CYBC

The solo show ‘Windows to Wherever’ held at Aeon Gallery in Hampstead was featured by the Cyprus national broadcaster in a programme focusing on the Cypriots living overseas.

‘Seeing both sides’ Detail magazine Jan / Feb 2015

The works of Yorgos Papadopoulos are not only multilayered, both in physical as in metaphorical sense, but in many cases double faced too and in some ways even multi-faced. As featured in this year’s first issue of Detail, a magazine on architecture and construction, the architectural glass artworks often can be seen from both sides. ...

‘Primary pupils create stained glass window with artist’

by Aime Williams, Reporter Primary school children proudly unveiled a stained-glass window designed in partnership with a professional artist. Children at Lea Valley Primary School worked with Yorgos Papadopoulous to make the artwork for the new wing of their school. Headteacher Maria Kokotsis said: “We were having this new entrance and I thought we needed an artwork that ...

Made in London Award 2014

Our Made In London series champions skilled designer-makers. A crackle of fine fissures – redolent of caramelised sugar – bleeds across glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos’s one-off artworks. “Glass is my canvas, hammers are my brushes,” he explains. He is firmly in control of his idiosyncratic technique: “I know how to break the glass and when to ...

‘Three Surprising Facts about Glass-Breaking Artist’

Yorgos Papadopoulos treats and colors huge, industrial sheets of glass by hand. He uses hammers to carefully smash the glass, occasionally running an electrical current through it. “Hammers are my brushes,” says Papadopoulos. View Full Article in Codaworx

‘Glass feature panel’ – a new idea to add instant glamour

Artist Yorgos Papadopoulos has created a custom-made feature panel for a penthouse living room using a unique technique of smashing glass and giving the illusion that it has been painstakingly put back together. Measuring 253cm by 82cm, this living-room feature panel has an oil-rubbed bronze frame and plinth. Read the full article in Arthitectural.

Glass Art With A Style Of Its Own

The Madonna in vibrant pink, designs inspired by jellyfish movement, Green Buddhas and Evil Eyes for exhibitions in Istanbul, the glass art of George Papadopoulos is, in his own words, ‘asking to be looked at’. The native Cypriot, now based in a garden studio in North London is a true bespoke artist – no two works ...