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Antarctica is calling

An artist needs inspiration. Don’t we all? Living is creating, so we are all looking for the artist inside ourselves. And what better way to get inspired than leaving the old roads you have travelled already? Take the advice that Rabindranath Tagore gave us and don’t just look at the sea; cross it! Poseidon Expeditions […]

Art at Trilogy, Limassol

Stratified Jewels are going higher! Today we hung Eye of Integrity III in the Trilogy show apartment. Thank you, Veronika Mourantian for showing us around and for taking us to the penthouse. Last time we were required to wear hardhats we were installing in the penthouse of a London skyscraper. I can see great opportunities […]

A Shakespearean inspiration

  In 2018 a celebrated Shakespeare scholar passed away. The flat he had been living in for more than 5 decades became available. The owner, a good friend and client of Yorgos, thought this was the perfect time for a refurbishment. As a rule the property developer incorporates always a work by Yorgos in any […]

Another Award: finalist at the Larnaca Biennale

On 13th October 2021 the second edition of the Larnaca Biennale took off. From 340 applications submitted from around the world the organising committee selected 77 works of art. They were exhibited in three historic venues in the centre of Larnaca. The year of the Larnaca Biennale was 2020, two years after the first edition.  But […]

‘Ripples of Time’ 1st Prize at EGC 2021

It is with great pride and honour that we can announce that with his work ‘Ripples of Time’, Cypriot glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos won the 1st prize at the 2021 edition of the prestigious European Glass Context. The jury was very much looking for both the personal and the beauty in the 62 exhibited works. […]

“Maculated Memory” – a new essay

Art theorist, Dr Niki Katsaouni, wrote a dissertation on Ripples of Time under the title “Maculated Memory”.  Yorgos commissioned Dr. Nikki to write the essay because she knows his work very well. In 2008, in the capacity of Cultural Counsellor of the Republic of Cyprus to the United Kingdom, she organised an exhibition of the […]

Les Naïades Chantantes – a new bespoke glass art installation

When receiving a request to make a bespoke glass art installation for an ocean cruise liner, an artist with an interest in Greek culture and mythology is bound to think of Okeanos, the god of the earth-encircling river named after him. With his wife Thetys he fathered innumerable Nymphs. They are minor goddesses of the […]

LIFE – A Charitable Exhibition

Together with another 100 Greek and Cypriot artists, Yorgos participated in “LIFE”, a charitable exhibition. Yorgos’s representative, Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, co-organised the Life exhibition. It was held at the prestigious Leventis Gallery in the heart of Nicosia. In support of the Cyprus Red Cross, the participating artists had to create a new work about […]

New Website

We updated the Yorgos Studio website. Although the previous one wasn’t that old, it needed freshening up. We completely designed and implemented the previous website in-house. Therefore it suffered from some of the defects that usually come with learning a skill. We hope you will enjoy the new layout. Let us know if something is not […]

Featured in the Cyprus Mail

On Sunday 15th September 2019 Yorgos and his studio and art were extensively featured in the Living magazine of the Cyprus Mail. Read the article by clicking the image below.    

Radiant Dusk II installed in a garden

One of the star pieces of the solo show at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery found its way back to London. In September the work of contemporary glass art was installed in a lovely private garden. As the work is made with fluorescent pigments, Radiant Dusk II will look entirely different when at night it will […]

Breaking the Surface

A new exhibition opening at Anassa Hotel on 16 August 2019. Under the title "Breaking the Surface", Yorgos will showcase new works that exhibit literally broken surfaces along with works that signify his re-surfacing on the Cypriot art scene. After two decades working from his home in North London, Papadopoulos has returned to his native [...]

Ripples of Time

Famagusta, 14th August 1974. Four year old Yorgos Papadopoulos spends the night in an orchard during the bombardments. Notwithstanding his mother covering his ears with a pillow, this is the most defining impact on his life, if not the most determinative imaginable. In their flight, grandmother was urged to grab the valuables but the little […]

Art Unbound – what a delight

Art Unbound, a curated exhibition of contemporary sculpture designed to complement the exquisite Rococo Garden, has launched.  Art Unbound is a partnership between the Rococo Garden Trust and renowned curator Anna Greenacre featuring 18 fantastic artists working in a variety of media. The curator took inspiration from the 18th century Garden designers. The goal was [...]

Layers of Depth

After first moving his studio, and then relocating himself back to Cyprus, Yorgos now signed up with Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in Nicosia for representation. In May 2019 the gallery organised a solo exhibition for Yorgos. In this exhibition Yorgos was showing three groups of works. First there were the works propagated from his dissection […]

Art Unbound – Private View invitation

It is well know by now that the glass artworks by Yorgos Papadopoulos are perfectly suitable for the outdoors. Made of safety glass, they can withstand a lot. The have been hanging outdoors on walls and from trees for years. Curator Anna Greenacre of Art Unbound has invited Yorgos to participate in the garden show […]

‘Celebrating Cyprus’ at Buckingham Palace

On the evening of 4th March 2019 HRH the Prince of Wales hosted a reception in the grand gallery of Buckingham palace to celebrate the Cypriot diaspora in the UK. 150 high profile and successful UK Cypriots were invited: scientist, academics, artists, business people... Yorgos was extremely honoured to be one of them. In his [...]

Timeless Repose at Hannah Peschar

For the fourth consecutive season this year, the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden is showing works by Yorgos. For the 2019 show Yorgos has submitted new works from the Stratified Jewels series called Timeless Repose.

New representation at Railings Gallery, Marylebone

Since beginning of 2019 Yorgos Studio has signed up with Railings Gallery for representation. Today we were happy to see some of the works on display playfully reflecting the Spot Paintings by Damien Hirst. Visit the gallery: Railings Gallery 5 New Cavendish Street London | W1G 8UT   T: 020 7935 1114 E: Open: Monday […]

Glass at Canary Wharf

A new group exhibition has opened in the Lobby of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, the theme being glass by contemporary artists. Yorgos is represented in this show with 5 spectacular free standing pieces form the Stratified Jewels series. The show is free to the public and runs until 10th August 2018. Canary Wharf [...]

35ºN / 33ºE GEOREF—New exhibition at Almyra Hotel, Pafos

In 2017, after having run his studio from his north London house for two decades, glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos has returned home, at least partially. But he never had lost touch with Cyprus. Almost all of his works have some kind of reference back to the island, its beauty, its nature and its culture. Hence [...]

Diamonds are Forever

In December 2017 the Limassol branch of The Collection Gallery organised a jewellery and art exhibition around diamonds. The jewellery show brings together 3 exquisite designers – Loria Hadjigeorghiou, Lygia Demades and a South African designer’s diamond collection. Some works by Yorgos complemented the exhibition. The black and white sparkle of the “Eyes of Empowerment“, […]

Open studio

“As you set out for [Kedares] hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.” When in 1974 Yorgos set out on his journey he still had to discover Cavafy, art and life. His journey was long; took him across most of the continents. He held his thoughts raised high and […]

Pafos 2017 visit

On 30th September 2017 the studio and gallery of Yorgos Papadopoulos were featured in the official Pafos 2017 Capital of Culture programme. Part of “Routes and Tracks”, more than 130 visitors enjoyed samples of the work and some explanations about the unique technique Yorgos has developed over the years. Enjoying the success of his uniqueness, […]

The new studio

Almost five months since the entire content of the studio in Tottenham was shipped over and finally, the studio is completely set up. Ready in time for Pafos 2017 Capital of Culture to send us some visitors.

Art in the garden

It’s time for some art in the garden. Now that the fickle rain showers of early spring seem to have gone and the Chelsea Flower Show is opening its doors, everyone is keen to get out of the house. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, you may want to consider adding some beauty […]

Studio is moving to Cyprus

In 2016 Yorgos created his largest work to date – 2 by 3 meters – as part of a private commission. Due to family circumstances, it was not possible to create it in one of the larger glass studios in Germany he would usually go to for this size of work. The London studio had […]

‘Eyes on Giverny’

Claude Monet moved with his family to Giverny in 1883 and lived there until his death in 1926. In the small town northwest of Paris, he created a spectacular garden that is still a major attraction for all who love nature and art. This garden was one of the main sources of inspiration for the […]


Solo Exhibition in Clerkenwell When he was asked to participate in an exhibition in Istanbul in 2011, glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos looked beyond the divisive history of his home country. He searched for the common elements of his Greek heritage and that of the host country. While developing his unique technique of fluid art he […]

‘Infinity and Beyond’ featured in Daily Telegraph

In the property section of this weekend’s Daily Telegraph, Emily Brookes writes about the ancient art of stained glass and the modern glass art techniques that can be considered its progeny. Alongside recent commissions of the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and “probably the greatest contemporary British artist” David Hockney, Yorgos’s work is said to be part of an […]

TEDx Nicosia – Beauty in an imperfect world

Autumn is perhaps the quintessential season for the experience of wabi-sabi, the aesthetics and world view that propones life’s imperfection and transience as a source of beauty. The leafs are colouring and falling. Soon they will disappear. They turn into compost and become the fertile soil for new growth in spring and harvest in summer. […]

‘La tristeza no puede entrar’ (2016)

“When I make a sale I have a little cry. You are not here to share my joy. When I have a creative block, I have a little cry. You are not here to give me guidance. When I hear a tango, I have a little cry. You’re not here to dance it with me. […]

European Glass Context 2016

Yorgos was selected as the glass artist to represent Cyprus at the European Glass Context 2016 in Bornholm, Denmark. He chose to submit ‘Mary of the Sweet Kiss III’ as his entry for the curated exhibition.  Like most Greeks, Yorgos grew up in two visual traditions. On the one hand, a Western one, where novelty […]

Yorgos’s interview in Blue Air in-flight magazine

Art most often is to see things around you differently from everyone else and Yorgos Papadopoulos is certain that he doesn’t see a piece of glass, like everyone else sees it. The Cypriot artist talks to us about his favourite beach on the island, his life in London and of course his art. Read full […]

Three Crowns rents art

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Aeon Gallery show featured on CYBC

The solo show ‘Windows to Wherever’ held at Aeon Gallery in Hampstead was featured by the Cyprus national broadcaster in a programme focusing on the Cypriots living overseas.

New artist monographs available now

At the end of last year glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos celebrated 15 years of professional practice.  In itself it is a remarkable achievement to survive as a full time self employed artist for such a long period of time. It is even more so considering the fact that he has put himself outside the confinement […]

Windows to Wherever

The new solo show ‘Windows to Wherever’ that opened in Æon Gallery, Hampstead on Wednesday has been well received. The show exhibits 20 selected works from various series of works created by Yorgos. On entering the gallery the visitor is immediately awestruck by the radiant beauty of ‘Eye of Sobriety’ which is looked after as […]

Transformation: Trees & Abstract – Exhibition

What say you faithful tree? In summer’s glory standing tall while autumn’s minions sneak to steal your green, so you go necked into winter. from: What Say You? (Eric Ericson) In this exhibition Cyprus born Yorgos Papadopoulos is showing three versions of the Golden Frisia, the tree he planted in the back garden of his […]

Pilchuck: a School with a View

When one thinks of Pilchuck one cannot but think of the centre of the glass universe. And rightfully so! At Pilchuck there is glass galore. It is glass heaven! With an abundance of energy the school attracts the cream of the emerging and established glass artists of the world to teach the enthusiasts of all […]

Oenography – Visualising the Art in Wine

There is something special about the relationship between the creative arts and wine. Many artists are ‘inspired by the bottle’, for some even to the point of their own destruction.  Growing up in rural Cyprus, the vineyard was a natural habitat for glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos.  In adulthood, like most of us, he acquired the […]

The last of the New Icons

Adorned with the beauty of virginity, you have been crowned with unfading crowns, O Marina. Having shed your blood in holy martyrdom, and radiant with the miracles of healing, you have received from the hand of your Creator the prize of victory. (Kontakion in the third tone) Ayia Marina (aka Margaret) of Antioch who lived […]

‘Seeing both sides’ Detail magazine Jan / Feb 2015

The works of Yorgos Papadopoulos are not only multilayered, both in physical as in metaphorical sense, but in many cases double faced too and in some ways even multi-faced. As featured in this year’s first issue of Detail, a magazine on architecture and construction, the architectural glass artworks often can be seen from both sides. […]

‘Mary of the Sweet Kiss II’ contributes to a miracle for Maria

On 23rd December, Mary of the Sweet Kiss II, a work by glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos, was auctioned and raised money at a fundraising party organised by Anthoulla Pantelides at Cibo Cafe in Southgate, London. The purpose of the fundraiser was to allow Maria Whalley, diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, to get alternative treatment at […]

Breaking and Mending: a summer class at Pilchuck Glass School

Today the Pilchuck Summer Programme 2015 was announced. From 22nd June through 3rd July 2015 Yorgos will be teaching an interdisciplinary class on the creative and business aspects of architectural glass art. Anyone can apply.

‘Innocence’—A film by James Louis Hedley

Exhibition at the Cyprus High Commission extended until 28 November

The eye-catching Eyes of Awareness are featured in a group exhibition currently running at the Cyprus High Commission in London organised to mark the Cyprus National Day. If you haven’t had the chance to see them, no need to despair: the exhibition has been extended until the end of this month. Admission is free during […]

‘Look in thy Glass’ – Open Studio 17-19th Oct. 2014

30 years in London – 15 years of making art In 1984, at the age of 15, Yorgos moved in with his grandmother in England to further his education. Her house – a charming Arts & Crafts house in a north London garden suburb and today Yorgos’s studio – was the refuge he and his […]

Amitabha at the London Design Festival

To celebrate the London Design Festival at Chelsea Design Quarter, an exquisite artwork by Yorgos Glass is on display at luxury surface specialist De Ferranti. Visit this King’s Road shop and lots of other premium interior design showrooms for a special late night opening on Monday September 15 from 6-8pm. This beautiful Red Buddha is […]

‘Primary pupils create stained glass window with artist’

by Aime Williams, Reporter Primary school children proudly unveiled a stained-glass window designed in partnership with a professional artist. Children at Lea Valley Primary School worked with Yorgos Papadopoulous to make the artwork for the new wing of their school. Headteacher Maria Kokotsis said: “We were having this new entrance and I thought we needed […]

Made in London Award 2014

Our Made In London series champions skilled designer-makers. A crackle of fine fissures – redolent of caramelised sugar – bleeds across glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos’s one-off artworks. “Glass is my canvas, hammers are my brushes,” he explains. He is firmly in control of his idiosyncratic technique: “I know how to break the glass and when […]

‘Three Surprising Facts about Glass-Breaking Artist’

Yorgos Papadopoulos treats and colors huge, industrial sheets of glass by hand. He uses hammers to carefully smash the glass, occasionally running an electrical current through it. “Hammers are my brushes,” says Papadopoulos. View Full Article in Codaworx

‘Glass feature panel’ – a new idea to add instant glamour

Artist Yorgos Papadopoulos has created a custom-made feature panel for a penthouse living room using a unique technique of smashing glass and giving the illusion that it has been painstakingly put back together. Measuring 253cm by 82cm, this living-room feature panel has an oil-rubbed bronze frame and plinth. Read the full article in Arthitectural.

Residency under AA2A in National Glass Centre, Sunderland

During academic year 2013-14 Yorgos has been offered a residency at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland under the AA2A scheme. During his time in Sunderland Yorgos has been experimenting with bending and breaking of glass and with laser cutting. But the NGC also offered Yorgos an opportunity to go back to his first artistic […]

‘Ganesha’ raises money for Great Ormond Street

Ganesha, revered as the remover of obstacles in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, came to be a source of inspiration for Yorgos Papadopoulos during his two year ‘retreat’ in Andalucia. The piece, he holds dear, was recently donated to The Geeta Mehta Brighter Future Fund and raised thousands of pounds in aid of the Great […]

‘Stratified Jewels’ Showing at the ICFF, New York

STRATIFIED JEWELS By Yorgos Papadopoulos Originally inspired by the cultural influences of the Turkish matopetra nazar boncuğu (commonly referred to as the evil eye) Stratified Jewels are unique glass artworks in which pigmented resins are the pool for several materials, such as gold leaf, broken glass and metallic powders. Stratified Jewels are shown as examples […]

‘Oriental’—A new commission installed in San Francisco

A newly commissioned artwork has recently been installed in a fabulous penthouse apartment of a tower in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco.

Glass Art With A Style Of Its Own

The Madonna in vibrant pink, designs inspired by jellyfish movement, Green Buddhas and Evil Eyes for exhibitions in Istanbul, the glass art of George Papadopoulos is, in his own words, ‘asking to be looked at’. The native Cypriot, now based in a garden studio in North London is a true bespoke artist – no two […]

‘Smash hit’ – How to Spend it – Financial Times

Conceptual art meets avant-garde design in grand-scale cracked-glass pieces Smashing a sheet of industrial glass with a hammer is, most often, an act of destruction. For Yorgos Papadopoulos, however, it’s a way of creating beautiful, bespoke artworks and striking architectural features. Gazing at them is like looking at broken ice, flowing water or the fleeting […]

‘Stratified Jewels’ at Vessel Gallery

Yorgos Papadopoulos initially studied as an interior designer at Middlesex University then taking a Ceramics Diploma at the City Lit in London. Whilst studying for his MA in ceramics at the RCA, Papadopoulos became drawn to the glass studios and after an incident where a sheet of industrial glass was broken, he became seduced by […]

‘Green Tara’ at De Ferranti

Alvaro De Ferranti invites Papadopoulos to exhibit from his Bodhi series. ‘Green Tara’ shown here, May 2013, is an exquisitely colourful piece set against De Ferranti studio on the Kings Road in London, a prestigious specialist in luxurious surfaces for floor and wall as well as architectural elements.


On 15th March 2013 the new group exhibition ‘Orthodoxy’ opened at the Hellenic Centre in London. Iconographer Eleftherios Foulides and photographer Doros Partasides exhibit alongside Yorgos’s ‘new icons’. The exhibition is organised by the Association of Greek Orthodox Communities in Great Britain together with the Hellenic Centre and held under the auspices of HE Archbishop […]

Design Days Dubai

The Crafts Council, operating as the British Crafts Council within an international context, will take a group of contemporary craft makers, gallery owners and educators to the design fair – Design Days Dubai – from 18-21 March 2013. The Crafts Council supports the creative and commercial growth of individual craft makers, galleries and craft organisations […]

Glass Art adds festive feel to Keir Townsend Interiors

Whether it’s a clever contemporary take on a church icon or a stunning abstract design, Yorgos Papadopoulos’s artworks are breathtakingly beautiful as well as fabulously festive for this time of year, glowing as if lit from within. His unique technique combines translucent and opaque, clear with colour, reflective with mat, old with new, delicate with […]

Yorgos’s ‘Eyes’ Exhibited at ‘Insight’

Moorfields Eye Hospital in collaboration with the Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art presents the works of selected artists. Yorgos will be showing some of his ‘Stratified Jewels’—works originally inspired by the middle eastern amulet commonly know as the ‘evil eye’. He developed the idea of eyes even further when as a patient at Moorfields […]

Cypriot & Turkish artists use glass to tell a story

Renowned glass artists, Cypriot-born, Yorgos Papadopoulos, and Turkish native, Yasemin Aslan Bakiri use glass to tell a story of fraternity, protection and reconciliation in a joint exhibition taking place in Istanbul between May 12 to July 31. Titled ‘Transparency’, the two artists will portray their similarities in habits, life experiences, philosophies, values and ideas through […]

Honourable Guest Artist at International Glass Art Symposium

Yorgos Papadopoulos has been invited as honourable guest at the CAMGERAN 2010 International Glass Art Symposium organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Anadolu University in Eshkimir, Turkey.

Craft Magazine Feature


Architecture Week Feature

Cyprus-born, London-based Yorgos Papadopoulos has developed an edgy art form that is attracting international attention. His work exploits the crystalline forms of broken glass and mixes in bold combinations of colour to create provocative art panels. Papadopoulos treats his medium with what he calls a “healthy disrespect.” His technique involves texturing, breaking, colouring, then re-laminating […]

Real People Meet Real Design – New York Times

The Ninth Grader Leah Lewy peers through the smashed-glass decorative panels made by Yorgos Papadopoulos. MARK CRISPIN MILLER squinted into the hanging, eyeball-high tunnel made by the decorative smashed-glass panels of Yorgos Papadapoulos, a Greek Cypriot living in London and showing at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last Saturday, and worried aloud. “I think these […]

Palm Springs modernism is very much at home in Hertfordshire

Bethan Ryder of The Guardian finds that Palm Springs modernism is very much at home in Hertforshire. One striking piece already in place is the stained glass in the two-storey window at the end of the corridor, next to the master bedroom. It was created by Yorgos Papadopoulos, of Yorgos Studio. Applying his technique of […]

Apeiron – exhibition at Hellenic Centre, London

Exhibition of Interactive Installationsby Greek Artists Specialising in New Media Arts The installations evoke and explore the Greek spirit, with subjects such as a virtual fashion show, the Green Line , a personal audio-visual account, a virtual reality tour of the ‘home’-lands and a historical timeline tracing two and a half thousand years of Greek […]

Yorgos’s glass at Collingwood

Yorgos has collaborated with jewellery designer Francesca Bristol for her debut show at Collingwood & Co, one of London’s finest jewellers. Founded in 1814, the store is located on Old Bond Street and very well known for both cutting-edge and classic designs. Francesca Bristol got the inspiration for the dramatic designs from her visits to […]

Pied à Terre buys degree show

The Michelin star restaurant Pied à Terre, located in the heart of London on Charlotte Street, has purchased Yorgos’s degree show.

Pied à Terre buys degree show

The Michelin star restaurant Pied à Terre, located in the heart of London on Charlotte Street, has purchased Yorgos’s degree show.

My interdisciplinary approach to glass art is influenced by my training in ceramics and interior design. As a glass artist my work is based on a technique I pioneered during my studies at the Royal College of Art in London. First I break laminate glass. Then I use coloured inks and pigments and texturing materials to add an image to the broken glass, while using the randomness of the cracks in the glass. Lastly I use a two component cold curing silicone gel to laminate a covering sheet of toughened (tempered) glass on top. Sometimes I shatter the toughened glass to create another layer. To finish the work of I always laminate a covering sheet on one or both sides.

In the poured silicones I add pigments and natural materials such as leaves, plants, and minerals. When I shatter a layer I will remove parts of it to reveal the underlying image. Therefor my art is always very multilayered.

Overall my approach is spontaneous and explores the behaviour of materials and texture. My work is mostly experimental, pre-occupied with light, space, texture and form, while design is strongly incorporated into my commissioned works. It is the tension of accident and control in my technique which defines my process-led approach.

Inspired by the elements found in natural landscapes my work explores the relationship of organic form within the built environment. My artworks incorporate vivid colours as well as neutral tones. In general I prefer abstract images or tend to abstract images that are not.

Subjects also include a series of culturally inspired themes such as ‘New Icons‘ and the Middle Eastern amulet commonly called the evil eye. They take on a variety of approaches. They can be wall mounted, architectural wall panels, sculptural glass installations within residential and office spaces, and landscape design setting.