Glass Art adds festive feel to Keir Townsend Interiors

Whether it’s a clever contemporary take on a church icon or a stunning abstract design, Yorgos Papadopoulos’s artworks are breathtakingly beautiful as well as fabulously festive for this time of year, glowing as if lit from within.

His unique technique combines translucent and opaque, clear with colour, reflective with mat, old with new, delicate with firm, irregular organic shapes with strong geometric lines and high aesthetic values with modern technology.Unlike most artists working in glass, Papadopoulos is more interested in breaking glass than cooling molten glass into recognisable forms.

As a student – much to the amazement of his Royal College of Art tutors – he experimented radically with kiln forming and developed a technique where he broke the inner layers of laminated glass into intriguing patterns. This shattered glass recalled such phenomena as broken ice or the movement of water.

Years later, he is still breaking glass and putting it back together again except that today enthusiasts are queuing up to buy the results of his experimentation. His fans are continually asking him what the process is called; is it a modern version of stained glass they enquire. He insists it isn’t that. What he does tell them is that he can create something magical and truly original.

For the next few weeks, we’re delighted to be showcasing some of Yorgos Papadopoulos’s highly collectable Madonnas. ‘Working with Keir Townsend Interiors has proved to be a very successful collaboration where we bring modern icons into contemporary settings,’ says Papadopoulos. His exquisite pieces will be on display until February 2013, so please do visit and view his work soon.

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