ripples-of-time-fi Ripples of time

Ripples of Time

Famagusta, 14th August 1974. Four year old Yorgos Papadopoulos spends the night in an orchard during the bombardments. Notwithstanding his mother covering his ears with a pillow, this is the most defining impact on his life, if not the most determinative imaginable. In their flight, grandmother was urged to grab the valuables but the little boy was not allowed to take his Mickey jigsaw puzzle. The cruelty of both frightening violence and loss came to be a permanent focus throughout the development of his practice as an artist.

However, being an inveterate aesthete, Yorgos firmly believes that there is beauty to be found in all, even the most harrowing imperfections of life. Being closely related to both time and learning, life offers insight, healing, acceptance and hope, all of which can be expressed in aesthetics.

In “Ripples of Time” this belief is visualised in six panels hung at distances commensurate to dates in the lifetime of the artist at which reflections on both the good and the bad were more prevalent than the quotidian.

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