Studio is moving to Cyprus

In 2016 Yorgos created his largest work to date – 2 by 3 meters – as part of a private commission. Due to family circumstances, it was not possible to create it in one of the larger glass studios in Germany he would usually go to for this size of work. The London studio had proven to be just big enough, provided all furniture and even the interior doors were taken out. It was a moment of realisation that there was a need for more space.

After a few months of research, it was clear that moving the studio to his native Cyprus was the most sensible solution to the problem. The London real estate market is still very booming and is pushing all of the affordable artist spaces further away from the centre to the periphery. And even there, the financial risk of renting space is not exactly what an artist needs to be worrying about.

In Cyprus, on the other hand, there was plenty of space available. An existing house that with minor adjustments could be used as a studio plus lots of land to expand on in the future. And to do other things with! Furthermore, Cyprus seemed to offer also more mental space: the peacefulness of a village in the foothills of the Troodos, with only 25 inhabitants, is all that an artist can dream of to be productive. No distractions. Lots of inspiration. No stress.

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