diamonds-are-forever Eye of Empowerment I displayed at The Collection Gallery.

Diamonds are Forever

In December 2017 the Limassol branch of The Collection Gallery organised a jewellery and art exhibition around diamonds. The jewellery show brings together 3 exquisite designers – Loria Hadjigeorghiou, Lygia Demades and a South African designer’s diamond collection.

Some works by Yorgos complemented the exhibition. The black and white sparkle of the “Eyes of Empowerment“, for instance, perfectly emphasised the showcased jewellery. After all, these works have been referred to as jewellery for the home.

Among the attendees of this art exhibition were Constandia Demitriadou of Cal Creative Communication and Dr. Andreas Ioannides of Advantage Aesthetics.

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Eye of Integrity II displayed with brass bezel in its handcrafted wooden box.
Dr. Andreas Ioannides taking a closer look of Eye of Compassion IX hanging at Diamonds are forever.
Yorgos Papadopoulos and Constandia Demitriadou of Cal Communications posing in front of Eye of Empowerment VIII displayed at The Collection Gallery.
Visitors admiring Stratified Jewels from the Choices series Empowerment and Compassion displayed at Limassol Gallery.
Marios Koumi and his loverly sisters posing in front of Stratified Jewels fo the Choices Series Empowerment and Compassion displayed at private view.
Stratified Jewels from the Choices Series Empowerment and Compassion displayed at art exhibition.

Probably the most famous diamond quote is “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” as sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. These famous lyrics were written by Jule Styne.

Just like diamonds are precious jewels enhancing a soul, a body, a mind… Yorgos’s ‘Stratified Jewels’ are able to enhance an interior, a space, a home. The series was originally inspired by the ματοπετρα, the blue and white amulets many people in the region wear or hang for protection against the influences of the evil eyes. Not being superstitious himself, Yorgos has turned this around. Instead of protection against evil he has conceived them as conveyors of good. They have been abstracted both in physical and conceptual terms in order to promote values, concepts and attitudes in art. Some are bright in red and magenta colours representing compassion. Others have taken on the calm oceanic turquoise colours to symbolise harmony.

Because of their striking beauty they have often been described by the press as jewellery for the home. In this show we present the Eyes of Empowerment. They are made in black and white pigments and silver leaf and powder. Their bezels are made of mirror polished stainless steel.
When Yorgos uses black and white, he associates this with authority, leaving no room for doubt. In other words the absolute. Even though for some, the colour black and the idea of power may be intimidating, this doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Power and control don’t have to be exercised over others. More important to the artist is self-empowerment.

Just like diamonds, the Eyes of Empowerment can be seen as symbols of strength, courage and invincibility.

The Collection Gallery Limassol opened its doors in June 2015. Director Rebecca Tornariti gained her knowledge and experience through cooperation with international auction houses and participation in art fairs. You can find the gallery on the Limassol seafront road.

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