TEDx Nicosia – Beauty in an imperfect world

Autumn is perhaps the quintessential season for the experience of wabi-sabi, the aesthetics and world view that propones life’s imperfection and transience as a source of beauty. The leafs are colouring and falling. Soon they will disappear. They turn into compost and become the fertile soil for new growth in spring and harvest in summer.

The concept of wabi-sabi inspired Yorgos to give this talk on 7th May 2016 as part of the TEDx Nicosia event Traces. The video of this talk has now been released.

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  • Connie Mansueto

    ‘It’s a broken piece of glass, and I made it beautiful, isn’t that enough?’ Yes, yes yes, what more is there? Beautiful talk about beauty, thank you Yorgos.

  • Elizabeth Amador

    I loved listening to your talk. Such interesting thoughts. I’m deeply sorry that you lost your sister, Yorgos.

  • Maikki Ranger

    What an amazing and poignant talk. I love your work Yorgos, and your thoughtfulness.

  • Isabel Lennie

    Thanks Yorgos for being one who sees beyond the conditioning and constrictions of others; for seeing the “Many splendoured thing” and for being your beautiful self. I am reminded of a poem by Francis Thompson
    “The angels keep their ancient places, turn but a stone and start a wing,
    “Tis ye, ’tis your estranged faces, that miss the many splendoured thing.

    Love from Isabel and Amanda

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