‘La tristeza no puede entrar’ (2016)

“When I make a sale I have a little cry. You are not here to share my joy. When I have a creative block, I have a little cry. You are not here to give me guidance. When I hear a tango, I have a little
cry. You’re not here to dance it with me.

Some say only the naive and deluded can talk to the dead. But like Whitman asserts with certainty that he will be with his unborn readers, so too I am sure you are with me in those moments. You fill me with life.”

In memory of his sister, Maria Whalley, Yorgos made this portrait of her after a photograph taken by Costas Constantinou at one of his exhibitions. It’s 70 x 70 cm and is made with fluorescent pigments because she was a guiding light, not just to him but to many. In the silicone used to laminate the glass he mixed some of Maria’s ashes. It makes this work more special than anything he has ever created. The work is published today because it is her birthday. She would have turned 52. The poem by David Harkins was read at the cremation by her dear friend Tami St. George Hedley. The title of the work is a quote from a poem by Pablo Neruda.

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  • Tami St George Hedley

    When l look at this wonderful piece of work l shed many tears for Maria, a constant inspiration to her amazing artist brother, Yorgos and reminds us she is and always will be an inspiration to us all. This magnificent portrait is a reminder to us all of the power of art. This work simply takes my breath away.

  • Costas Constantinou

    I can’t understand why she had to be taken from us. The funnest, craziest, most lovely life cut short. But she lives on in your art and our hearts.

  • Carol Mackenzie Gale

    And it takes my breath away. you are so inspirational.

    Carol x

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