Layers of Depth

After first moving his studio, and then relocating himself back to Cyprus, Yorgos now signed up with Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in Nicosia for representation. In May 2019 the gallery organised a solo exhibition for Yorgos.

In this exhibition Yorgos was showing three groups of works. First there were the works propagated from his dissection of violence and beauty. Unlike any other glass artist, Yorgos does not treat his material with caution but rather with violence. He smashes, drops or shoots the glass. In ‘Ripples of Time‘ Yorgos has expressed his own dealing with the wounds caused by his personal experience of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Through treating his medium with violence and then creating something mesmerisingly beautiful out of it, Yorgos points out that all bad has some good side.

Secondly, Yorgos shows some works from the series of Stratified Jewels. In them Yorgos reinterprets the middle eastern amulet of the evil eye as conveyors of commendable values, concepts and attitudes.

The third group of works in this exhibition are the Radiant Dusk series. They link the artist to his roots of western Pafos. There the sunset is not just surprisingly varied and beautiful.

Lastly, the ‘Inside the Box‘ series explores materials, transparency and reflections combined with the philosophical considerations of unconventionality. The treatment of glass and exploring of light, reflection and shadow through the material, have always been compelling elements for Yorgos’s practice. Influenced by the work of American contemporary artists Larry Bell and Donald Judd this new body of work reflects a lifelong investigation into the physical properties of light, space and the relationship of environment with the transparent qualities that glass offers as a material. The fascination with cubic form also relates to the artist’s continual struggle with the labelling society.

About the Gallery

Formed in 2013 by merging two of Cyprus’ oldest art galleries, Alpha C.K. Art Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of acclaimed contemporary Greek and Cypriot artists.

Below some images of the well attended private view.

Read the catalogue of the exhibition here.

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